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MINECRAFT FREE MODS: Improve the way Steve Moves with the Animations Mod (1.5.1)


The Animated Player mod has been updated for 1.7.2. This mod replaces the player’s blocky animations with new, smoother animations. It changes the animations for walking, running, swimming, jumping, sneaking, riding, bow-aiming, blocking, climbing, hitting, eating, and drinking! This version brings new facial features and improves the ways clothes render. Face Expression: This mod now […]

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MINECRAFT FREE MODS: Add Magic Baseball Bats with the Smash Bat Mod (1.7.2)


The Smash Bat mod for 1.7.2 adds bats to the game. These bats lets you launch mobs in the air, ride mobs through the air, control lightning, blow up objects, and more. Download the Smash Bats mod for 1.7.2: Installation: Locate your Minecraft.jar file. Open Minecraft.jar using Winrar and delete the META-INF folder Drag the […]

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MINECRAFT FREE MODS: Add Ghosts to Minecraft with this Mod (1.7.2)


The Ghost Dust mod for 1.7.2 adds ghosts to the game. Ghosts appear at night after a mob, villager, you, or another player dies. They are hostile, quick, and strong. When killed, they drop ghost dust. Ghost dust can be used to become invisible or used to craft new items and armor. - Ghost Pickaxe […]

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Animated Player Mod

Ever feel like Steve is pretty emotionless? This is the mod that could change that! The animated player mod adds facial expressions and more realistic...

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MINECRAFT FREE MODS: Add Living Blocks Mobs with the Blokkits Mod (1.6.4)


The Blokkits mod for 1.6.4 adds a new mob to the game called blokkits. Blokkits are shaped like blocks of materials and will defend you. As they fight, they will gain experience and can level up and evolve. Features: -Experience System -Blokkit Types -Follow/Stay Commands -Attack Ablilities -Evolved Types Types: Grass Blokkit Wood Blokkit – […]

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MINECRAFT FREE MODS: Play Minesweeper in Minecraft with this Mod (1.7.2)


The Minesweeper mod for 1.7.2 does exactly what the title says. It adds giant minesweeper boards to the game. These games can be generated or found naturally inside new dungeons. When you beat them, you will get valuable rewards. But be careful, one bad move and you will be hurt by explosives. New Items: To […]

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MINECRAFT FREE MODS: Control Time with the Time Control Mod (1.7.2)


The Time Control mod for 1.7.2 adds new remotes that let you control the speed of time. You can speed up or slow down time up to 4 times the normal speed. With the Matrix Remote, you can slow down time to 1/10 speed without affecting your speed. This means you can run around mobs, […]

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MINECRAFT FREE MODS: Improve Villages with the Mo’ Villages Mod (1.7.2)


The Mo’ Villages mod for 1.7.2 adds new villages, unique to each biome. It also increases the spawn rate of villages. New Villages: Extreme Hills: Forest: Taiga: Swamp: Ice Plains/Mountains: Mushrooms: Jungle: Roofed Forest: Birch Forest: Cold Taiga: Mesa: Savanna: Download the Mo’ Villages Mod for 1.7.2: Installation: Locate your Minecraft.jar file. Open Minecraft.jar using […]

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MINECRAFT PICTURES: Modern Minecraft Home on CivCraft

A render of a modern Minecraft home on the CivCraft server

By: CivCraft


MINECRAFT FREE MODS: Play SplitScreen Multiplayer with this Mod (1.6.4/1.7.2)


The JoyPad mod for 1.6.4/1.7.2 is an awesome mod that lets you use USB controllers to play splitscreen Minecraft. This mod is compatible with any controller that is compatible with a PC including the Xbox 360 controller. Usage: One player can use the keyboard/mouse, but everyone else will need a controller. You can have as […]

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MINECRAFT FREE MODS: Disguise Blocks with the Chameleon Block Mod (1.7.2)


The Chamleon Blocks mod for 1.7.2 adds blocks to the game that can take the form of any block/item. This lets you create traps, stack any items, or make whole diamond structures with just one diamond. Usage: Place a Chameleon block on the side of a normal block and it will instantly fade to recreate […]

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MINECRAFT FREE MODS: Make a CubeWorld with this Mod (1.7.4)


The CubeWorld mod for 1.7.4 breaks up your world into glass cubes. Each cube has a separate biome inside, complete with mobs and dungeons. If you travel to the Nether you will also find that the area is broken up into cubes, and even glowstone is in its own cube. Download the CubeWorld Mod for […]

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MINECRAFT FREE MODS: Edit your World in Game with the WorldEditWrapper Mod (1.7.2)


The WorldEditWrapper mod for 1.7.2 brings the WorldEdit mod, a bukkit plugin, to single player. The WorldEdit mod is a powerful mod that is similar to Single Player Commands, with many more features. It allows you to completely manipulate your world. Some of the features include: - Copy and paste areas - Replace blocks - […]

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MINECRAFT FREE MODS: Add Vending Machines with this Mod (1.6.4)


The Vending Machines mod for 1.6.4 is a small mod that adds Vending Machines with new snacks and drinks. It also adds new coins that can be used to make purchases. The candy and drinks have healing and other special properties. Drinks: Club Soda Cost: 1 silver coin Effect: Heals 2 hearts as well as […]

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MINECRAFT FREE MODS: Add Powerful Totem Poles with the Totemic Mod (1.6.4)


The Totemic mod for 1.6.4 adds magic totem poles that can effect you, nearby entities, or your whole world. They are powered by the life from plants. Usage: Totems are powerd by life essence which can be extracted from plants using the Totem of Draining. Totems: Ocelot: This will stop all nearby creepers from exploding […]

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MINECRAFT FREE MODS: Add Arcade Games to Minecraft with the Penny Arcade Mod (1.6.4)


The Penny Arcade mod for 1.6.4 adds arcade games to the game. These games give out prizes and tokens that can be redeemed for new items. Usage: Gold Coin: Penny Pushers: There are two different Penny Pushers. They take gold coins in and in return, you can win: - A Diamond - An Emerald - […]

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